Drinking Games - The Tower

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 This is a Swedish game I learned in a bar in Austria. Construct a tower out of the following drinks, placing a cardboard beer coaster between glasses: (in order from bottom to top) 12 oz beer, glass of white wine, tall mixed drink (e.g. Tom Collins), small mixed drink (e.g. whiskey sour), shot of schnapps (or tequila, etc.). Participants roll a die in turn. The first to get a 6 drinks the schnapps. The next to get a 6 removes the coaster that was under it. The next drinks the small drink, the next removes the coaster, and so on. The next to roll always waits to roll until the previous person has drunk (or removed the coaster) EXCEPT when the beer is drunk. When that happens, the game speeds up, because if someone rolls a 6 before the person drinking the beer finishes it, the beer-drinker must pay for the whole tower. If the beer drinker finishes first, then the next person to roll a 6 (the beer drinker is exempt) pays.
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