Drinking Games - Mexicali

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 Need: 2 dice and a cup to roll them in.

Everyone at the table has their own drink. The object is to shake the dice in the cup, slam it on the table, lift it up and take a peek at the dice (don't let anyone else see them!!) and then announce what you have. There is a lot of bluffing involved because if your roll doesn't top the previous roll you have to drink. If you bluff and get caught, you drink. If you get called on the roll but really have beaten the previous, then the person who called you has to drink. If you bluff and get away with it the dice pass to the next person. The only person who can call your bluff is the person who's roll you are trying to beat. Rolls are based on the two digit number they form when placed side by side (ex. a 3 and a 4 would be "43") or if you throw doubles the value is one die times a hundred (ex. double 2 would count as "200"). There are also some other special rolls that affect the game: "21" (a 2 and a 1) is called a Mexicali and beats all other rolls (including double 6, or "600"), a "31" is a "reverse" and play goes back the other way around the table, "32" is a "social" and everybody drinks. "Reverse" and "social" both cancel out the previous roll so you don't have to worry about beating the previous guy's score. If you are caught bluffing a Mexicali you have to down the whole drink.

To summarize:

  • 2-1 "21" Mexicali Beats all
  • 3-1 "31" Reverse
  • 3-2 "32" Social
  • 4-1 "41"
  • 4-2 "42"
  • 4-3 "43"
  • 4-5 "45"
  • 5-1 "51"
  • 5-2 "52"
  • 5-3 "53"
  • 5-4 "54"
  • 6-1 "61"
  • 6-2 "62"
  • 6-3 "63"
  • 6-4 "64"
  • 6-5 "65"
  • 1-1 "100"
  • 2-2 "200"
  • 3-3 "300"
  • 4-4 "400"
  • 5-5 "500"
  • 6-6 "600"

When rolling all you have to do is tie the previous roll, so if a Mexicali is rolled you can either call the guy's bluff or accept it and try to tie it. Optional: Successive Mexicalis double the amount of drink to consume on a challenge or bluff.

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