Drinking Games - Kiss-n-Slap

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 You have to let at least one male/female in on it before you start. Send the guys and girls off into separate rooms. Have the guy and girl who are in on it start by calling in a guy or girl. You line up and whoever's in the front of the line preferably whoever knows the game starts. (now this is where there could be some variation I suppose) The leader says 'now everybody has to do what I do so pay close attention.'

The person behind the leader who is "in on it" puts their hands on the leaders hips. So, supposedly whoever is there will do the same to whoever is in front of them. Then the leader turns and kisses the person behind them and this continues until you get to the first person who is new in line. The person in front of them turns and instead of kissing them slaps them in the face. As long as you don't play with anyone really violent it is pretty funny. You continue until everybody has been called out of the rooms. (helps if it is an all couples party or same number of guys and girls attend.) When people get liquored up and play it can be downright hilarious. TRUST ME.

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